Lorenzo Escobal is an internationally recognized, award winning serial entrepreneur and when you speak to him you may be forgiven in thinking he is much older than he is. Most people are surprised to find out that in fact he is a twenty-something millennial, who’s not afraid of hard work, who allows his employees to develop and grow by pushing their limits (gently) and enjoys exploring his creative side.

He acknowledges with a wry grin (so very characteristics of many Filipinos) when you ask him about his entrepreneurial journey, that his first business, Inception Automotive Detailing was not planned, but happened out of necessity. He had completed University and could not find a job, had bills to pay and thus needed to find a way to generate an income.

His entrepreneurial spirit and drive to look at ways to solve the problems of others in the most effective way possible, is what sets Lorenzo apart from the rest. An inborn attention to detail with an out-of-box thinking and mindset, allows Lorenzo to find creative but highly effective ways to solve those problems.

Outside of the business and personally, Lorenzo is much like his Millennial peer group, where hanging out with friends, playing video games and just enjoying life are important facets of everyday life. He is also very close to his family and enjoys spending quality time with them whenever he can.

What strikes one in speaking to Lorenzo, is that unlike many of his peer group, he has direction and a clear vision for the future. Before even leaving school, Lorenzo joined the Canadian Army on a part time basis during school and he acknowledges that he learnt a great deal from this experience. Many of these lessons he learnt are what guides him today in dealing with the many challenges of running a business and managing his time and working with his employees.

Something else which Lorenzo believes has been key in his success, are the things he has learnt by travelling extensively, both locally and internationally. He is always on the move and applies the lessons he learns from other people and the various cultures, to his life and his business.

He is a firm believer that there is always a way to solve a problem and works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and market, to find those solutions for the greater benefit of all.